What We Do and What We Don’t

Robert Szweda, master craftsmanRMS Custom offers a specialized custom stockmaking and checkering service.

We DO NOT offer general gun repair services, nor do we work on handguns, military or tactical style weapons, or work with synthetic stocks.

Similarly, we do not fit shotgun ribs and choke tubes or perform back boring, forcing cone or chamber modifications. If you require work of this nature we would be pleased to direct you to a reputable organization offering such services.

Supporting our custom stockmaking and checkering business we do offer limited stock related custom gunsmithing for shotguns and sporting rifles including the following:

Install recoil pads and recoil reduction systems.
• Install adjustable buttstock and adjustable comb hardware, such as manufactured by Graco.
• Drill and tap holes for sight and scope bases.
• Fit rifle and shotgun sights and scopes.
• Machine 95% semi-inlet stocks for you to inlet.
• Install flat and skeleton grip caps.
• Install steel or skeleton butt plates.
• Install sling swivel studs.
• Install steel cross bolts.
• Pillar bedding.
• Glass bedding of actions and bottom metal.
• Hand rubbed oil finishing of stocks.
• Repair worn or damaged checkering, re-cut impressed checkering.
• Repair cracked or damaged wood stocks.

We Highly Recommend

RMS Custom has a close working association with Classic Barrel and Gunworks in Prescott, Arizona, that offers an extensive range of services including cut rifled barrels and blanks; reboring, re-rifling, re-barreling, caliber change, chambering and crowning; repair and general gunsmithing of pistols, rifles and shotguns; and refinishing and restoration services. We highly recommend their services if you require this type of work, or if you wish your rifle accurized or re-barreled while we make your custom stock.

Classic Barrel and Gunworks
Dan Pedersen
339 Grove Avenue,
Prescott AZ 86301

Call (928) 772-4060
Email cutrifle@cableone.net

Website: cutrifle.com