Fine Hand Crafted Gunstocks

Robert Szweda, master craftsmanRMS Custom provides a custom stockmaking service to discriminating custom gunmakers, sportsmen and competitors across the country.

Robert Szweda, a master craftsman and avid sporting shooter, builds premium handcrafted stocks that harmoniously blend wood with metal in perfect proportions.

RMS Custom will build a gunstock to suit your individual requirements and budget, precisely inlet and bedded, hand rubbed oil finished with all pores filled, and hand checkered. Stocks may be ordered for most popular brands of rifles and shotguns in one or two-piece configurations, tailored for the caliber and application of the firearm, built to your personal length of pull and cast, and fitted with a range of optional fittings and features.


Our specialty is rifle stocks in the classic American or European style for large magnum safari rifles, sporting and varmint caliber rifles. RMS Custom also builds two piece stocks for fine hunting and sporting shotguns.

Stocks are typically made from blanks, 95% machine inlet on our own custom stock duplicator. Stocks are then final inlet and shaped by hand, and include the installation of a hidden cross bolt and glass bedding of the recoil lug area.

Rifle stocks are fitted with an Ebony forend tip, a classic or European style cheekpiece, a two-screw steel grip cap, recoil pad and a pair of Michael’s-style sling swivel studs.


A wide variety of stock blanks are available to suit your individual taste and budget, including Maple, Claro Walnut, English Walnut (also called French or European Walnut), or Bastogne varieties.

Wood grades range from plain, fancy, extra fancy to exhibition grade, all with varying quality of grain and figure. Our custom stock package includes an Ebony forend tip.

Optionally, other varieties of exotic woods are available. RMS Custom can supply the blank for your stock at additional cost, hand selected for grain, color and figure, or we can work with a suitable blank you supply.

Please call to discuss stock blank availability and cost or suitability of your wood for the project.


The basic stock package includes four panels of hand cut checkering at up to 24 lines per inch in a point pattern.

Wrap around grip and forend panels, custom designs and reproductions of traditional patterns are available as an option.


The basic stock package can be further customized to your requirements with the addition of extra options including inletted style sling swivels, a platform under the sling swivels, skeleton grip cap and/or skeleton butt plate with or without checkering, installation of steel cross bolts, a steel butt plate instead of a rubber recoil pad, a shadow line added to the cheekpiece and full glass bedding of the barrel, action and triggerguard.

Checkering can be enhanced to fine 26 or 28 lines per inch, by the addition of wrap around designs, fleur-de-lis, ribbons and borders.

Please call to discuss these and other options for your truly custom stock.

Gallery of Custom Gunstocks