Precision Hand Crafted Checkered Stocks

The beauty of precise handcrafted checkering is sadly a feature not found on today’s mass produced firearms.

Perfect diamonds, straight lines, clean borders without over runs, elegant fleur-de-lis, graceful ribbons and intricate skip-line patterns stand in stark contrast to rough production checkering and impressed patterns.

Robert Szweda, a master craftsman skilled in the fine art of gunstock checkering, will work with you to produce checkering in the style and and pattern of your choice, to make your stock look better, feel better and grip better.


RMS Custom can produce a wide variety of checkering panels for one and two-piece rifle and shotgun stocks, from simple point or fill-in patterns to elaborate wrap around designs in conventional or skip-line style, plain or incorporating ribbons, fleur-de-lis or other ornamentation.

We can also checker grip caps and buttstocks in wood or skeleton designs. Standard checkering is performed at up to 24 lines per inch, depending on the grain and texture of the wood.


RMS Custom can optionally produce fine line checkering at 26 or 28 lines per inch, depending on the wood grain and density, in your pattern of choice.

We can also recreate traditional patterns for restoration projects, refinish and checker existing plain gunstocks, repair worn or damaged areas of existing checkering and can even convert impressed (stamped, negative or positive) checkering to hand cut. Please call to discuss your specific requirements.

Gallery of Custom Checkering